AlTiN High performance coating for die casting industry, cutting tools, metal sheet deformation AlTiN coating is used in environments subject to high temperatures and high temperature changes, limiting hot oxidation. It is particularly suitable for die casting pins and dies. Furthermore, it can be also applied on moulds for reinforced polymers. Thanks to the formation of a surface oxide layer … Read More


AlCrN Coating based on Aluminum/Chromium Nitride. The main characteristics of the AlCrN coating are high resistance to oxidation and good maintenance of hardness at high temperatures, allowing excellent resistance to abrasive wear and thus extending the life of the coated surface. Suitable for dry milling operations in severe conditions such as highly alloyed or hardened steels, sheet metal deep drawing, … Read More


ZrN Coating with high chemical inertia, suitable for applications where materials present sticking and metallization phenomena with aluminum alloys, zamak and non-ferrous metals aluminum alloys due to the effect of temperature. Particularly suitable for coating die casting pins. Conforms for food contact Coating properties: High chemical inertia Excellent anti-sticking action Applications: Die casting moulds and pins  Milling and holing of … Read More