Our Story

CRT S.r.l. was established in 1988 as the PVD and CVD coating division of TTN Group, already active for a decade in both steel heat and surface treatments. The challenge was to expand the applications of a technology limited to the cutting tools sector, understanding its huge potentials in several  industrial fields.

CRT therefore became  the first Italian job coater dedicated exclusively to thin film deposition.

Since its foundation, the company has been specialized in niche applications, especially concerning die casting sector, polymeric materials and hot & cold working processes.

The exceptional properties of PVD and CVD coatings can increase the long-lasting of the moulds, preserving its surface finishing throughout the life cycle as well.

The continuous technological innovation, combined with the decision to provide customized solutions to the needs of each customer, has allowed CRT to grow, increasing the number of plants and coatings solutions.

The vocation, gained from the head company T.T.N. SpA , is also to offer thin film coatings on large tools (D max: 1000mm and h max 2800mm), a unique reality in the national panorama.

CRT S.r.l. Foundation

Installation of the first and only PVD plant in Italy with a useful height up to 2 meters

Development of the new AlTiN coating

First company in Italy to introduce the new ZrN coating on the market, specifically dedicated to the die casting sector

Commissioning of a new coating plant with functioning size of ø 1000mm and h 1500mm

Test site centre in both studying and developing the innovative PVD coatings in the European Napilis

Introduction of the new vacuum heat treatment department, maintaining unaltered the synergy with T.T.N. SpA for all other types of heat and surface treatments.

Introduction of the new automatic polishing with abrasive flow department in addition to the manual and isotropic polishing already existing.

Introduction of the latest generation plant dedicated to the ta-C DLC (HDLC) coating.

Birth of a new plasma nitriding department dedicated to pre-coating treatments.


T.T.N.Group, established in 1978 as a company dedicated to traditional heat treatments, has expanded over the years and today is composed by 8 companies located both in Italy and abroad. TTN has been the pioneer in Italy regarding the surface heat treatments of gas and plasma nitriding and it currently owns various plants to perform all the heat and thermochemical treatments available on the market. The types of working process have further expanded through the creation of a division dedicated to mechanical machining on large parts and with the foundation of FriulForgia s.r.l. in Sedegliano (UD).

The mission is to offer itself as the only interlocutor starting from the choice of steel up to the surface treatments.

So far there are approximately 500 employees.



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